Views of Rio

A couple of the big tickets items on the tourism trail in Rio are to go to the peaks of Sugar Loaf Mountain by cable car, and Corcovado Mountain to visit Christ the Redeemer (Christo Redentor).

We took the Sugar Loaf cable cars on our first full day here, which was amazing as it gives you a good understanding of the layout of Rio. The first leg takes you to a height of 220m, and the second completes the journey to Sugar Loaf over a distance of 750mm. For Bond aficionados, this was the cable car used in Moonraker featuring the original Uncle Chop Chop, Jaws.

The views were fantastic, with bright blue skies. In fact, we’ve stopped checking the weather forecast as everyday is pretty much the same – Sunny with temperatures being anything up to 39 degrees! We feel a very long way the UK right now but we’re dealing with it!

It was a tall order to top Sugar Loaf, but on New Year’s Day we got up slightly later than planned, with stinking hangovers, and jumped into a taxi to go to Corcovado to visit Christ the Redeemer.

Another observation about Rio is that all taxi drivers seem to think they are the next Michael Schumacher and treat the city’s streets as one enormous race track. So despite waking up late, we got to the Corcovado so quickly we managed to get an earlier train than planned, and all for the bargain rip off price of 50 Brazilian Reais!

A cog train takes you up to ‘JC’, which lays claim to being the largest art deco statue in the world. It’s 38 meters tall and its arms stretch 28 meters wide. Once at the top the views over Rio were incredible and is the closest thing to an immediate hangover cure we have found. We were both completely blown away.

We took the bus home.

Love from Nick & Lucy

Sugar Loaf Mountain & Botafogo Bay Christ the Redeemer

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