Nick & Lucy

We are both Architects, who, up until recently, were living and working in Central London.

In May 2013, we were encouraged by some very good friends to bite the bullet and go on an adventure we had been talking about for some time. With one way tickets to Rio booked, we looked forward to ushering in 2014 on Copacabana Beach!

The preparation: As 2013 drew to a close we planned, packed and did quite alot of farewell partying!

We have chosen to take a Nikon Coolpix AW110 and Go Pro (Silver) to document our trip; both known for their toughness in adverse conditions.

The plan: To travel around Brazil for six weeks, before collecting our motorbike in Buenos Aires, Argentina and heading as far south as possible. We’ll then turn around and drive up the west coast, through Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador to the Caribbean coast of Colombia…and hopefully then up through Central America….and maybe beyond!

The challenge: To see how far we can get with the money we’ve saved!IMG_7565

5 thoughts on “Nick & Lucy

  1. Dear Nick and Lucy
    It was so great to meet you both in Huacachina and I very much enjoyed exchanging stories and getting to know you both a little.

    I am, annoyingly, still here in Huacahina! I went to leave yesterday morning and when I tried to start the bike a whole load of nothing happened. I eventually got a bump start from some Canadians only to discover that only 1 of the 2 cylinders had decided to work, after a while the 2nd cylinder spluttered into life, but there was no such thing as idling and changing down gears caused the bike to cut out completley. Having searched high and low in Huacachina for a mechanic I was left stuck. It would seem that all those dune buggy´s run purely by magic…!

    Thankfully I made the decision to go sand skiing and the instructor informed me that there is a Honda Dealership/Workshop in Ica. I went over this morning and 1 recharged battery, 1 cleaned spark plug, 1 thoroughly cleaned (including the use of a dirty rag!) carburetor and 35 Soles later I thought my troubles over. Atleast that was until the mechanic duly informed me I can no longer ride over 90kph!! Apparently there is a $225 problem with the drive system the exact nature of which was rather unfortunately lost in translation.

    So tommorow begins my long day trip to Arequipa at the grand speed of 90kph! Supposedly the rental company are going to send the spare parts to Arequipa and hopefully by the time I return from the Colca Canyon the bike will have been repaired…we shall see, I would rather they just brought me a new bike to be honest!

    I hope your journey to Lima was trouble free and you are having a good time there.

    Keep in touch,


    • Nick,

      Great to hear from you although sorry about your bike issues. Somebody once told me that ‘the holiday ends, and the adventure starts when something goes wrong’, so by that rational you’re now on an adventure. There are far worse places to get stuck! We haven’t seen the sun since we left Huacachina.

      Well, safe riding and better luck for your onward travels.


  2. Dear Lucy,
    Just heard from MUm about your journey. How fantastic. Didn’t have a clue. Had a good look at all your photos. Also heard ….
    Anyway now I know about this blog I shall be following it avidly.
    Sheila xxx

  3. Dear Nicolas & Lucy…..
    You don’t know me!… But am sure you would have heard of me from your dad…Ted. He and I became friends when I first came to London – back in 1965 – as a teenager, and met when I joined the same firm of Chartered Accountants whose offices were in Regent Street.

    I was speaking to your dad yesterday, and he told me about your ‘el grande tour’… I will check it out a little later, but so glad to know that you and Lucy are having fun.

    Enjoy your self, don’t do anything stupid, and be safe….

    Hopefully we shall meet up some day… The last time i saw you was when you were a tiny tot of perhaps five or six years old!!

    Have fun and a good time
    With best wishes
    Ajay Vyas

    • Hi Ajay!

      Great to hear from you. Despite being considerably older than I was when we last met I do remember it.

      I am really pleased that you and dad still keep in touch. I know it is difficult. I have two friends who have sadly recently emigrated to Oz so know that things do change.

      As my dad said Lucy and I have been travelling around South America for the last 12 months on our motorbike which has been incredible. We have another 4 months to get through Central America before we fly back to the UK, hopefully in time for the summer. We’re currently in Cartagena and it is regularly 35 degrees.

      I hope you and the family have a great Christmas and new year. Who know’s what 2015 has in store!

      Hope you enjoy the blog.

      Nick & Lucy

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