A Slice of Lima


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Lima spends much of the year cloaked in a blanket of sea fog and cloud, and isn’t blessed with a huge number of tourist attractions. This said, Peru, and specifically Lima, is currently undergoing a culinary revolution. So we unraveled … Continue reading

The World is Your Liebster


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Many thanks to Winnie from Olivia Oyster for nominating our blog for a Liebster Blog Award. Bloggers with less than 200 followers nominate one another for Liebster Awards as a way of building a community of like-minded bloggers and spreading the … Continue reading



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After visiting Machu Picchu, we were keen to visit more Inca masterpieces, and so signed up for a 4 day trek to another mountaintop citadel called Choquequirao. Meaning ‘cradle of gold’ in Quechua, is believed to have been the last … Continue reading

Game, Set and Machu Picchu


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Speak to people travelling around South America, or indeed the world, and one of the places that nearly all of them have on their wish list is Machu Picchu. Literally meaning ‘old peak’ in Quechua, the language of the Incas, it was … Continue reading