The Seven Wonders of Buenos Aires


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1. The people of Buenos Aires are called ‘Porteños’ – People of the port. 2. Buenos Aires is the original home of Tango: In the 1880s, millions of Europeans arrived at the port of Buenos Aires, looking to escape the misery, wars … Continue reading

Casita Azul


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After 2 months travelling around Chile and Argentina, we decided it was about time we learnt some Spanish, as opposed to just adding an ’o’ onto the end of English words. To this end, we rented an apartment, ‘Casita Azul’ (little blue … Continue reading

Ruta Nacional 3: Down to Ushuaia Town


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Starting in Buenos Aires and passing through the provinces of Buenos Aires, Rio Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego, Ruta Nacional 3 finishes on the southern tip of Argentina, and covers 3,079 km in total. Having travelled its length, … Continue reading